What is TYVEK®?  DuPont® TYVEK® material is a paper-like material that is composed of continuous fibers that are bonded together by heat and pressure. This substrate is known for its durability and strength. Other benefits of TYVEK® material its lightweight, resistant to water & chemicals, and holds up to everyday use. TYVEK® is tear resistant, but you can cut it with household scissors. You can also die cut TYVEK® material in unique shapes as well.


We have printed on TYVEK® material mainly for the furniture and bedding industries. TYVEK® labels are used on mattresses, pillows, and furniture. We have created and printed law labels, hybrid law labels, sanitized labels, pillow labels, and notice labels. Other uses for TYVEK® material are brand labels, production tickets, material tags, warranty labels, care labels, and warning labels. Let’s start creating your custom TYVEK® label.


We offer low minimums for TYVEK® labels and will print as few as 250 labels. TYVEK® is perfect for a small production run or a private labeling program. While most TYVEK® labels printed use black ink, we also provide spot color printing, as well as four color process printing. Do you need help with creating a label? We have an in-house art department that is ready to assist with all of your artwork needs. We can take your idea from concept to completion!

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