We have several material types, in three colors to choose from for your custom printed label. Our fabric comes in white, silver, and black. These colors are stocked at our facility and are ready for your custom label project. Let’s break down our materials and backings associated with each.


Our white fabric is available in three different styles allowing you various ways to fasten your label to your product. We have sew-on, combination, and pressure sensitive. Our most popular material is sew-on. Our combination fabric gives you the greatest flexibility. It allows you to sew-on or iron-on your label to your product. Our final material is Pressure Sensitive. Also referred to as Peel and Stick and is the easiest to apply. Our white material is perfect for printing in full color or spot colors. Add options like hot stamping or die cutting to your label.


Our silver fabric comes in combination only. Our combination material will allow you to either sew-on or iron-on your label. The fabric is dyed at our vendor and sent to us in a silver color. This material is perfect for spot color printing. If you wish to print a light color on the material, be aware that, the silver material will change the ink color to some degree. We recommend printing medium to dark colors on this fabric. This option is ideal for hot stamping and die cutting as well.


Lastly, our black fabric comes in two variations. We carry sew-on and combination. Again, this fabric is dyed at our vendor and holds a deep black color. The leading use of this material is hot stamping. Our hot stamping foils really “pop” on the fabric. The most popular colors are gold and silver, but we have several other colors to choose. We can also print a pearl varnish or a varnish ink as well. The varnish inks give a subtle look. This labeling option gives your product an elegant, classic look.


Are you looking for a material that’s tear and water resistant? If so, then Tyvek® is the answer. Tyvek® comes in white only. Tyvek® must be sew-in or stapled to your product. This type of material is commonly used for law labels. We print law labels for beds, pillows, chairs, sofas, and cushions. Most of the law labels, care labels, 1633 labels are produced with one color, usually black. We have printed other labels styles on Tyvek® as well in four color process.


Our Glo Coat is our lightest weight polyester fabric. This fabric only comes in white and is available in sew-on only. This material has our shiniest look. Glo Coat is commonly used for pillows, mattresses, theater curtains, and drapes.


Besides printing custom fabric labels in-house, we also print various other marketing materials or the bedding, furniture, and textile industries. We’ve printed warranty cards, hang tags, and bag stickers to name a few. We’re more than willing to help with other products as well!


Would you like to see and feel our materials for yourself?  If so, we’ll send you a material sample set at no charge.

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