Foil stamping or sometimes referred to as hot stamping is a design element that lets you stand out from your competitors. Hot stamping is a process where we embed foil on to the surface of the fabric, giving the label an added dimension. For a classic look, try hot stamping your text or logo on our black material. You can have a subtle effect or stand out with a holographic style foil.


The foil process is simple. We create a hot stamp plate with the wording or pattern you want on your fabric label. It usually takes about five business days to generate the plate for your job once the final design is approved. The plate is made of magnesium and heated to over 250 degrees. When we apply the foil to your label, it as simple as pressing the foil in between the heated metal plate and your fabric label. The heat and pressure fuse the foil into the fibers of the material. For the best results, we recommend talking with our art department to learn more about the nuances of foil stamping.

The majority of our foils come in metallic colors which have a reflective quality. We do, however, have a few foils that have holographic patterns, brushed lines, or matte finishes. We have several colors to choose from, but the most popular are silver and gold foils.


Material Types

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