Ordering mattress labels shouldn’t be hard or time-consuming. We’ve broken our process down into four easy steps, getting started, design, production, and shipping. If you’re interested in the process, keep reading below for more information.


When we get started, we will gather some necessary information to begin. We’ll need to know the finished size of the label, how many labels, and how the label affixed to your product. Other things to help speed up the process would be to supply any logos, text, or imagery you’d like to use. If you have a specific color, you can send in a sample of your material as a color reference. The fabric will help ensure we’ll get the correct color the first time.


Our in-house art department will work collaboratively with you to ensure that your label will be how you envisioned it. After the initial design, our designers will send a digital proof to your email for review. If the art is not quite right, no worries, we’ll work on a revised proof together for you to review. Upon approval of your artwork, we’ll send your label into production.


At this point, we’re taking care of everything. Your orders scheduled for production. Our lead time for printing labels is based on label type, custom printed label (up to 10 business days), custom woven label (call for estimate) imprint label (up to 6 business days) or stock label (1 business day). During this time, if you have any questions, please call us or email us and we’ll be happy to fill you in on your order details.


After your order completed, it’s ready to ship. We can ship orders through Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, Speedee, Truck, or pretty much any way you prefer. Let us know your preference during the order process. If you are indifferent, we’ll ship using the best way. If you are paying by Credit Card, we will contact you for your Credit Card information. If you are on credit terms, we will send you a copy of your invoice for payment.

Material Types

Learn more about our material here.

Art Department

Learn more about our art deparmet here.

Have a question about our process for creating fabric labels?

If you have a specific question about our process, reach out to us.  We’d be glad to chat via email or phone.

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