It may start with an email, phone call, or referral. However, the inquiry starts, we aim to create a custom fabric label that represents you and your company. We understand that your product label needs to build brand awareness in stores and online. Your company’s brand is a vital component to its success, and we’re only successful when you are.

Our customers have created various types of labels such as mattress labels, mattress tags, hang tags, law labels, Tyvek labels, and woven labels. During the initial contact, we’ll ask you some questions about your label needs. Here are our top seven questions we’ll ask you.



1. What is your label preference? Printed or woven?

Our printed labels are crafted in-house on various styles of material.  Our woven labels are created with our partner companies to weave high quality and the most cost-effective labels.

2. What is your budget?

The price of your label can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as, printed or woven, quantity, how many color, and material type.  As a reference, we have had printed fabric label prices range from $.12 to $1.60 per label and woven labels range from $.95 to $3.00 per label.

3. How is the label going to be affixed?

Our printed and woven label materials break down into three categories sew-on, iron-on, or peel and stick.  If you label is going to sew on your product, you need to keep in mind an area for sewing allowance.  This way you will not be sewing into important information like logos, headlines, or imagery.

4. What's the size is your label?

This question helps the design department get started on your project.  Knowing the size will help craft a label that’s on target and will aid in production time.


5. How many colors?

In today’s world, most labels are printed using four-color process.  However, if your brand requires a Pantone spot color, we print those as well.  We use the Pantone Solid Uncoated Colors.

6. What design elements will be on your label?

When our art department gets started on your custom label project, any information you can supply will help speed up the design process.  We may ask if your logo is to appear on the label if you have certain imagery, fonts, or colors.  We can also add foil to give your label that extra “pop”.

7. What type of label program will you need?

When we get started, we’ll ask if we will be printing / weaving your label and send you the order complete or if you will require a custom label program.  We offer four different label programs you can choose.  Our programs are Label Stocking, Imprint Program, Imprint on Demand, and 24-hour Imprint Turnaround



Once we have a basic understanding of your label requirements, you will have full access to our in-house art department to create your custom fabric label.  This a complimentary service that we provide to all our prospective and current customers.

One great resource that is beneficial to our design department is a brand guideline. If you have one, send it to us, your guide will help our art department understand your companies’ colors, fonts, imagery, and overall company vibe.  Once our art department has created your printed or woven label mock-up, we’ll send you a pdf for approval. Take as much time as you need in reviewing your proof.  If you require modifications to your design, no worries, let us know your latest ideas, and we will work on capturing that feel.  We want you to be excited about your new label, and we’ll keep working at it until you are. Your satisfaction is our number one goal!

When you’re ready to get started, send in a design request for our art department, and we’ll help create your next fabric label.


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Have a question about working with us on your design?

If you have a specific question about working with us and our art department, reach out to us.  We’d be glad to chat via email or phone.

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